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Buza Chicken Korean Fried Chicken in Fairfield

Welcome to Buza Chicken, Fairfield's premier destination for authentic Korean fried chicken. Nestled in the heart of Fairfield, Melbourne, we are passionate about bringing the rich flavours of Korea to your plate with our meticulously crafted fried chicken recipes. 

At Buza Chicken, we're not just a restaurant; we're a culinary experience that celebrates the fusion of traditional Korean techniques with modern flavours, ensuring each bite is a memorable one.


7a Railway Place Fairfield, 

VIC 3078

Monday – Thursday   4pm – 9pm

Friday - Saturday     12pm – 10pm

Sunday                      12pm – 9pm


Convenient Korean Restaurant in Fairfield, Melbourne

Fairfield, a vibrant suburb of Melbourne, is known for its eclectic dining scene, picturesque parks, and friendly community vibe. It's in this lively backdrop that Buza Chicken Fairfield stands out as a culinary gem, offering a unique taste of Korea's beloved fried chicken. 

Our restaurant is perfectly placed to provide both locals and visitors with an accessible, yet exceptional dining experience, blending Fairfield's charming atmosphere with the authentic and bold flavours of Korean cuisine.

Buza Chicken Fairfield Menu

Our menu at Buza Chicken Fairfield is a testament to the versatility and richness of Korean fried chicken. From the classic, perfectly crispy and juicy original recipe to innovative flavours like sweet soy garlic, spicy, and honey butter, there's something to satisfy every palate. But our culinary adventure doesn't stop there; explore a variety of Korean specialties and side dishes that complement our chicken to perfection. 

For a full look at our delicious offerings, visit our menu at Buza Chicken Menu.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to dive into the best Korean fried chicken in Fairfield? We recommend making a reservation to ensure your spot at our table. Whether you're planning a casual dinner, a special occasion, or a group gathering, Buza Chicken is here to make your experience unforgettable.

For reservations or any enquiries, contact us at 0452 503 635. We're excited to welcome you and share the unique flavours of our beloved Korean fried chicken.

Experience Unmatched Korean Fried Chicken at our Fairfield Establishment!

At Buza Chicken Fairfield, we're dedicated to offering more than just a meal; we provide an experience that celebrates the joy of Korean cuisine, shared with friends and family. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be immersed in a world of tantalising aromas, vibrant flavours, and warm hospitality. So, what are you waiting for? 


Join us at Buza Chicken Fairfield to relish in the unparalleled taste of our Korean fried chicken, where tradition meets modern culinary excellence.

Ready to secure your spot at our table? Book now to experience the unforgettable flavours of Buza Chicken.

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